Conversational AI delivers sustainable
value for the real estate industry.
In the age of digital transformation, QuadReal’s success is driven by the company’s ability toincorporate new technological trends into an everyday user experience for the customers.
The strategic solution is investing in technologies that allow QuadReal to reach a growing number of users and scale the services without reducing their quality.

QuadReal recently added an advanced IoT technology that monitors and reacts in real time to the events on the properties (e.g. a leak in the room). The technology, while impressive, did not deliver a significant value due to the lack of easy-to-use user interface.
nmodes was tasked to create a scalable
yet easy-to-use user interface.
nmodes is an expert in creating conversational AI interfaces
integrated into enterprise data solutions.
For QuadReal, nmodes trained their AI to deal with topics from their primary residential manual. In addition, nmodes developed a customized communication interface (API) enabling QuadReal customers to interact with IoT components directly.
The result was a unique state of the art solution
that delivered scalability to the flagship QuadReal Connect customer platform.
The launch showed:
Improvement in platform efficiency.
QuadReal AI solution is an example of a successful integration of a conversational AI interfacewith an enterprise data processing system that nmodes deliver regularly. Such integrations arebecoming critical in many B2C scenarios. They offer sustainable customer experience and provide reliable foundation for a quality customer service.