Why nmodes?

"Technology can help us listen to everything that’s being said about ourselves, our company, our brand…….

But finding that one key, that game-changing insight in a sea of chatter and then actually doing something about it is another story."

David Armano, Managing Director of Edelman Digital

nmodes mines the millions of conversations, and filters the noise to provide you with only the results you are looking for in real time.

nmodes understands the context of expressions and determines a proper response based on the meaning.

With nmodes you can now identify who is talking about your brand in proper context so you can categorize, organize and prioritize your responses.

nmodes provides high accuracy results as they happen, at scale, with opportunities to:

  • engage with those considering your product
  • convert those who are ready to buy
  • mitigate customer churn from public complaints 
  • answer questions and motivate interest