LendingArch is a Canadian insurance and regulatory compliance company providing financial solutions for businesses as well as individuals.
The rapid recent market changes resulted in low revenue margins due to the increasingcomplexity of the onboarding process, which was almost entirely manual.

Gary Oberman, LendingArch’s CTO at that time, strongly believed in the power of automation. He was determined to improve the incoming traffic conversion on their landing pages throughthe use of automatic services.

He tried using a number of semi-automated solutions and fully automated solutions, such achatbots, but none produced satisfying results. Until he tried nmodes.
How nmodes AI made a
difference for LendingArch
nmodes is the only solution on the market that gives businesses their own AI that represents their brand, knows their product, customers, details of thebusiness process and grows with the business.
This time Gary started small. He added nmodes chatbot and nmodes AI to one of LendingArch’slanding pages.
The efficiency increase grew 200% in 1 month.

After experiencing instant success, Gary migrated all of LeandingArch’s national phone callconversations to nmodes conversational AI.

LendingArch started delegating customer screening and onboarding processes to nmodes AIon their web and mobile pages. Not only did the quality of the leads grow, but the entire processbecame scalable.
After switching to nmodes and using nmodes AI to not only qualifyleads, but to then immediately book time on their sales team’scalendar, LendingArch saw a 40% growth in the conversion rate ofloans requests.
“Very intuitive, easy to use. Great support team. The team is extremely results oriented.”
Gary Oberman
CTO, LendingArch