nmodes Introduces Arabic language support for Advanced AI Solutions

We recently introduced new support for the Arabic language in their Advanced AI solution set.  nmodes has been building AI technology solutions to support the latest needs of customers around the world.  These offerings come in the form of Chatbots, integrated AI solutions, and omni-channel AI systems.  nmodes provides Advance AI solutions that are professional, polite, and curated. 

We believe this is just the start in the marketplace where true Advanced AI solutions will help augment current business needs. With Arabic support, we’re starting to fill in the blanks. The new support enables organizations to easily augment their existing bot technology, this is the next step in our fast-growing industry.

Additional native language support is an integral part of our strategy of bringing a full spectrum solution to the AI market.  We continue to define new technology, interacting with existing technology, and using the latest open platforms to better support their user’s needs.

Pricing for nmodes Advanced AI solutions, depending on the size and complexity of the solutions need.  nmodes has price points that can fit any budget depending on the solution.  Additional language support will be added frequently. nmodes can also create custom solutions at a fraction of the normal industry price.